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$250 (Jersey Tshirt, PIVC, practices fees, and tournament fees) $150 due Dec 15th, $100 Due Feb 1st.

1. USA Membership - Register Online - Available Sept 1st
  • 8 and Under Free
  • 10 years old and Up Developmental Player $15

2. 2021/2022 Notarized Medical Release Form (A notary will be present at evaluation check in; you must have your photo ID and the parent must sign the form in front of the notary).

Grassroots 2020/2021

Grassroots Start Dec 4th, 10:00am - 11:30am  GSMS

Please make sure you have completed the USA Membership.

A notary will be present to notarize your medical release form.


Make sure you have a Sports Engine Account before you start a purchase USAV membership.
Create a Sports Engine Account, Click Here
(Sports Engine Account will be in parents name/info)


Player's USAV Membership Registration, Click Here

Grassroots is  Pleasure Island Storm's Volleyball Introduction program for girls & boys ages 6 - 10 years old. Most sports are introduce to children early on, with kids playing basketball, tennis, soccer and swimming often before they can walk or run. With the growing popularity of the game of volleyball, more and more parents are beginning to search for lessons for their youngsters sooner, to teach them the fundamentals of volleyball.

Age and ability appropriate groups will be taught the fundamentals of volleyball. Young ones will learn to enjoy the game of volleyball through the introduction of drills and games, utilizing a much lighter ball and a lower net. Volleyball is the ultimate team sport, so these small athletes will also learn the benefits of teamwork as they learn to play the game.

Teams practice once a week (1.0 - 1.5 hrs).  The season starts  Dec 1st and ends March 10th.  The teams will compete in 5 to 6 Grassroots tournaments.  Typically the tournaments last 4 to 5 hours.