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PIVC Foley

Pleasure island Storm 2022 2023 Foley

Pleasure Island Storm Volleyball has expanded to Robertsdale and Foley.  This will allow players in the younger ages to experience developmental volleyball.  The volleyball coaches for those high schools in that are will be conducting the practices and training.  PIVC is dedicated to help build those school programs with the proper training at an affordable price and close to home.

Grassroots 2022/2023 Robertdale

$285 - includes jersey, practices, tournaments, gym rentals, travel not included.

Grassroots is  Pleasure Island Storm's Volleyball Introduction program for girls & boys ages 6 - 10 years old. Most sports are introduce to children early on, with kids playing basketball, tennis, soccer and swimming often before they can walk or run. With the growing popularity of the game of volleyball, more and more parents are beginning to search for lessons for their youngsters sooner, to teach them the fundamentals of volleyball.

Age and ability appropriate groups will be taught the fundamentals of volleyball. Young ones will learn to enjoy the game of volleyball through the introduction of drills and games, utilizing a much lighter ball and a lower net. Volleyball is the ultimate team sport, so these small athletes will also learn the benefits of teamwork as they learn to play the game.

PIVC Storm 12u/11u Region Team

Type of Teams

Subregional Team $495

Age groups are 11u and 12u. Teams practice 1 to 2 times per week. They play 3 grassroots tournaments and 3 regional tournaments. Skill level is higher than grassroots. Does not include jerseys, travel tournament fees,

Regional Teams $695

  • Regional teams will practice twice per week. Two tournament entry Fees are included along with the following: insurance, registration fees, gym rental, coaches salaries.
  • *Does not include jerseys, personal expenses, gear, hotel for coaches and exceptional travel for coaches and region registration fees, or other tournament entry fees.


Evaluation Dates

12/03/22 - Saturday Grassroots 10am - 11:30am Foley High School


Foley High School
1 Pride Pl,
Foley, AL 36535